Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tuesday Tips

Welcome to Tuesday Tips! I have to say that I'm in LOVE with the new Jamberry material - it's not just on a clear backing that makes sizing the shields to your nails easier, although that's great too.

The new material is thinner and now I'm not even heating them before applying! I just trim the shield in half, place it on my clean and prepped nail, apply a bit of heat from my heater to help smooth it out, trim and file. I am not needing to heat and reheat to smooth out the shields...and it's not like I thought the previous formulation was hard to apply, but these go on smooth as butter. I applied my test shields for this new minimal heat application on my pointer and ring fingers, and they lasted for a week with no lifting or bubbling! They would still be on my fingers only today I attended a Princess Teatime birthday party, so I needed something pink and girlie!
I chose the Pink and White Heart Collage with a Black Polka Accent nail. I know that my shields will last up to two weeks...but I find myself wanting to change them every week just so I can have the fun of changing up the design. I can't believe I'm seriously taking pics of my nails for y'all...but after a few months of Jams my nailbiting is history, and my cuticles are starting to look more smooth instead of chewed up and sad. 

Tomorrow I'll be back to share the birthday card I whipped up for Princess P's Birthday Tea Party!

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