Tuesday, February 5, 2013

10 Things in my purse

Time for another Listicles with the fabulous Stasha over at the Good Life. This week's topic? Ten Things in my purse...and boy, do I WISH there were only ten things in my purse! I carry a big ol' Thirty One tote right now


1. One pull-up...for when I'm feeling more optimistic about potty training.

2. Two diapers...for when I'm feeling more practical about potty training. The diapers get replaced more often than the sad lone pull-up.

3. Three Kind bars as emergency back up snack for small boys or cranky mommy.

4. Four baby wipes because my travel wipes are almost empty and I will wait until I completely run out before getting forced into buying an emnergency travel pack at Target refilling the pack.

5. Five coffee punch cards from various coffee shops that I'll never finish filling now that I can no longer drink coffee (sob!).

6. Six receipts from the Post Office that I need to file.

7. Book Seven of the Sword of truth books by Terry Goodkind. I got them for John for Christmas...but I'm reading them instead.

8. Eight ladybug punch cards from the playland at IKEA. They give you one that you're supposed to bring back each time your child plays there and when it's all full they get a prize...but I can't remember to bring them out so every time we are checking out I just accept yet another couple of ladybug cards to add to my growing pile of ladybug cards in the bottom of my tote bag. If the boys only knew that I was holding them back from collecting even more cheap plastic junk...

9. Nine dried up old raisins, as Gabe's only acceptable snack most days is raisins, and they seem to multiply everywhere like tiny, wrinkled, sticky bunnies. Someday I will never buy another raisin.

10. Ten Business cards with Jamberry samples attached, just in case!

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Created by Kathi said...

The business card with Jamberry samples sounds the most fun! Love that you got Tuesday Trigger... your card so inspired me to live outside my box... the way you used your xyron with the glitter rocks too!

thanks for inspiring me :) Kathi

Stasha said...

It's time to let go of those coffee cards my friend... Love that photo!!


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