Thursday, February 7, 2013

Flirty Pages

I am so excited for my Stampin' Ladies to come over Friday night and crop these fabulous Flirty papers with me! I combined the Flirty Workshop On The Go with the Pixie Glitter Alphabet and Sparkle Flourishes for these floral packed pages. 

These first two pages are based on the CTMH instruction brochure included in the WOTG package, with a few twists, like adding Cricut cut flowers to the Dimensional Elements Tree included in the kit! I love forming these tiny flowers using my piercing tool kit. I flip the mat over and used the back, rounded end of the tool to form the simple flat flowers into rounded buttercup shapes!
The second set of pages was inspired by these pages by the fabulous Dana Kessler. I love how she stacked the dandelion image in the corners. I added a bit of glitter glitz to each flower, smudging the dots with my finger for a softer effect. 
The Pixie Glitter Alpha letters were super easy to position using my tweezers. I also extended my bitty sparkle stash by using leftover sections of the Flourishes. I popped off the excess sparkles from the flourish and applied them here with my Tweezers and Liquid Glass.
Page 5/6 is my favorite set I think. Each little banner is formed by rolling them on the handle of my piercing tool. I still cut apart the flourishes, though I did keep them relatively intact. I even built myself an extra "o" from a "q" and some exclamation points from the "j"s! 
I've been wanting to incorporate the formed flowers into a layout for a while, and this layout seems like the right spot. The Flirty Raspberry flowers pop against that background of Dakota Wood Grain

I'm sharing these pages on Make It Monday at An Original Belle - got check out the awesome collection of art and recipes!

Last chance to enter my NEW PAPER giveaway - winner to be announce on Friday! 
Thanks for popping by!


Laurie Wood said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I wish I'd gotten my hands on another Flirty pack before the end of Jan. I didn't like it at first but now that I've used one pack I really do - and having seen you take it to a completely new level makes me envious!

Krista Ritskes said...

Love your additional pages, especially the last one!

Created by Kathi said...

Love your layout and the cute little flowers on the tree! Darling! Voted for your card on Practical Stampers... you should do a shout out about it on your blog... lots of great cards to be inspired by but I voted for YOU! Kathi


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