Saturday, March 16, 2013

I {heart] Studio J!

OK - these posts probably would've been helpful during the month and a half that Studio J layouts were on sale for $5...but I waited until the last two days to make my layouts, because I have been entirely too busy to scrapbook...well, digitally. It's not that Studio J is hard, or not adorable...I just love getting my hands in the inks and paper. But $5 for two pages?  Never mind - that special is done, but regular price is only $6.95 for 2 pages, still a rockin' good deal! 

I seriously need to make time for myself to do a couple of Studio J layouts every week. This is how to "catch up" - beautiful paper scrapping for events that really mean a lot, like the holidays or first day of kindergarten, and Studio J for my life know, the cell phone photos and Instagrams I'm posting constantly. Those print up beautifully on Studio J!

So here's 14 days of scrapbooking, Studio J style. That's right - in two evenings, while catching up on Glee and Once Upon a Time and Grey's Anatomy ('cause I never have time to sit and watch TV with my hubby in the evenings) I made 14 adorable layouts. I cannot wait for my printed pages to get here!!

Now for the details...this layout is done with a new ONLINE only paper pack called Wishes and Fishes Boy. I chose that kit, then a 10 photo pattern called Sideline Surprise. Did you know you can sort the layout patterns by the number of photos you want to include? I chose Kit Mix number 1. I added my title using the StickEase Alphabets, and the Seahorse StickEase is at the bottom of the Large Accents StickEase. The "waves" we made using the Stitching Tool under Embellishments - now there are lots of kinds of "stitches" to add! I used the Scallop border stitch, and stretched or cropped it to make the wave pattern right over the digital B&T paper, then used the Send backward button along the top to hide the ends under my photo mats. I left the suggested embellishments alone, just choosing the colors I wanted. This one took me about 20 minutes because I was fussing with the stitched waves...until I remembered we have copy/paste buttons now!

My crew of scrappy girls will be here any minute for some hands-on paper crafting - hope you are spending your day doing something just as fun!


ValByDesign, Valerie said...

I just love the way you trimmed your pictures and fit them together like that!

Wendy Coffman said...

That's all Studio J, Valerie! That design is one from an older CTMH design book that I've always loved...but only built in paper ONCE, because it was such a pain to crop the photos nicely in that weird shape. Digital is way easier for this layout!


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