Sunday, March 17, 2013

Lucky Me! I've got Studio J!

Happy St. Patrick's Day! Today I'll be sharin' the green with you...the digital green of Studio J

This is one of the Express Collection layouts I've been raving about. See all the stitching, the faux washi, the banners and the mixed and recolored papers? Every bit of detail was ALREADY DONE for me! I dropping in my Ben is a monkey pics, added the journaling and this page was done in about 5 minutes. And if I had dumping in my pics and not liked the page? I'm out nothing - it's all free until you are ready to print your adorable layouts!

Studio J might just be the pot of gold at the end of my never-ever-ever-getting-caught-up scrapbooking rainbow! 

P.S. - Sweet Scrappin' Friend Valerie mentioned that she loved the cropping of my photos on the last layout. I responded there on that post...but I have to say it again - it's all Studio J! I've loved that crazy photo quilt layout since it first came out in one of our How To books, but I only made it in paper ONCE. Once was enough - cropping those crazy shapes and getting the edges and angles just so was a huge PAIN. Now I can make it anytime I want...once you drop in your pics you can just grab them and scoot them to show exactly what you want, no mathematics required! 

Now everyone join with me in emailing CTMH to demand sweetly request glitter paper options on every paper packet! We want more bling!

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