Sunday, June 16, 2013

Convention Badges

Yesterday I finished up all my convention badges (in addition to many other projects-that-shalt-not-be-named), and normally I'd wait to share these until actual convention, but I've been missing y'all, so here's the one thing on my table I can share! Each year I make a new badge for my team buddies, so this year I made 15 total, plus that sweet but simple Eye Candy badge. And while I had to abandon my original idea for time constraints (a castle window with 3-D flowers trailing out the bottom using my Happily Ever After and Art Philosophy cartridges) I'm pretty happy with how these turned out. 

I collected funky Disney Ribbons all year just for this project. The horn and banner are cut on Happily Ever After in Tan Glitter Paper and Ruby CS, then wrapped with Washi Tape. The rosette was cut on Artiste with for Always paper, and man, does having Artiste cut and score the rosettes make them a lot more fun to make! I glued the alligator clip backs on with E-6000 (phew!) using straight pins to prop open the clips so I didn't glue them completely shut...not that I would ever do that...ahem...yes, well, anyhooo...

I'm linking this project up to the Paper Issues Persnickety Party, because even though I said they would be simple...I'm totally persnickety about my badge details (like cutting 5 different sizes of rosettes to be sure I found the perfect size, and carefully weaving the Disney phrase ribbon into the heart slide so that the words Dream Wish and Magic showed on each badge). Perhaps persnickety is my new favorite word - I'll teach Ben to use it this week!

I'm back into hibernation mode, but check back Tuesday for 10 Things about Washi tape. Happy last week before convention!

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Nancy Ball said...

These badges are FABULOUS, Wendy. Wish I was coming to Florida to see them....maybe next year!


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