Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Practical Scrappers 10 Things Bags

This week the 10 things team is focusing on fabulous bag related craftiness! I was getting ready to skip out of town for a wedding, so I whipped up a quick card front bag.
I've featured these sweet dies before. You use the die to cut out the card stock trim, then trace the center hole of the trim onto your bag. Hack out the hole on your bag, cover the ugly hole with the cute trim piece, and slide in your top gold handmade card to instantly decorate your gift bag. 

The color is about weird in this post- the papers are For Always and Slate cardstock. It's my first practice post done entirely from my iPhone, photography to upload, practicing for my live blogging from CTMH convention. I'm planning a wrap up post each day I'm in Orlando, plus Instagram instant updates during the morning general session, so be sure to follow me if that's your cup of tea!

And don't forget to pop over and see what the rest of the Practical Scrappers did with their bags too!

1 comment:

Amber Sheaves said...

This is such a fun die. I've seen it before but had forgotten all about it. Thanks for the reminder! And great card and bag.


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