Monday, July 29, 2013

Life with Kids

Apparently going a month posting something every single day is now turning into two posts a day. July is almost over and there's too much fun stuff to share. Like Stasha's topic for Monday Listicles this week, which is ten photos about life with kids. 

I totally {heart} Instagram. My Instagram feed is a weird mix of photos of my kiddos, current art projects, gluten free food, and random Jamberry nail shots. They may not be the most perfect photos I've ever taken, but I absolutely love scrapping them, and the boys love flipping through my Printstagram prints. Now I've found Instaport so I can easily grab my feed photos and drop them into my photo files on my computer. Sweet!

10 Photos about Life with Kids in July

1. First day back after being gone for a lap was 100% occupied, 100% of the time.
2. Papa got a new boat. He asked if I was getting pics. Apparently he meant of the BOAT,
not the Bat crew manning the laser cannons attacking Joker. Whoops!
3. Max loves to pose with statues of any kind. That's my boy!
4. While Ben loves babies...he's our little Elmira!
5. GF Coconut Milk Fudge the car...I deserved this clean up.
6. Mo Willems party! We totally {heart} Mo!
7. Keller Park...everyone in the fountain!
8. Baby Monkey piggie back rides. Don't click that You Tube link unless you're prepared
to hum Baby Monkey for the next eleventy billion hours.
9. Found about 8 of these forehead shots on my phone the other day. So I Instagram'd it...
and thankedmy lucky stars that he was taking pics of his forehead. Just sayin'.

10. Balloon Paddle Ball. One more reason that Pinterest is NOT a waste of time!
There ya have it...ten of my fave pics from the 100+ I sent to Instagram just in July. If you make one or have an Instagram, put your link here too - I'd love to cruise your kid photos and stalk your Instagram feed. 


Casandra Bennett said...

Too cute! Funny about #9...I get what you're saying. My mom always has a saying for everything, and I feel this one applies "Boys will be boys". LOL (Mind if I follow your lead with this Monday's Listicles?)

Wendy Coffman said...

You should totally do the Listicles! I love reading the other entries too. It's where I've found a lot of my favorite bloggers!

Dawn said...

I love your Instagram posts! I am a total Instagram addict myself. LOL You can find me as "lovetostamp" if you like. Your boys look like they keep you moving!

Kailee B said...

cute photos, love the picture with the rooster statue! (also, I want that statue! haha!)

Stasha said...

Totally awesome. Love that you print them.


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