Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Ten Things Premade Flowers

Today the Ten Things Team over at Practical Scrappers is exploring new ways to use premade flowers for our crafting enjoyment. I am sharing one of my favorite projects made using the new Base and Bling ring bases, an interchangeable ring! This first ring stacks a metal flower with a glitter button topped with a clear red acrylic flower. Cute, but the real magic is made with my secret weapon...velcro!
When I made the ring base I just applied a circle of the Base and Bling adhesive and topped it with a large velcro dot (which I buy in a big box from Staples). Then I adhered a ring of sequin trim from the new Black Mini MEedley to cover up the silver edge (and peek out from under my flowers!)
I attached velcro dots to the back of lots of different Acrylic flowers so I can change out the look of my scrappy personal embellishment any time I please!
If you're doing this project with a little helper, she'll be happy with one ring for all of 3.2 seconds...With five colors of Acrylic Bling flowers and two kinds of metals I figured this was a fun way to change out your ring coordinate with your current workshop project in a flash! 
The premade acrylic Bling flowers are the easiest to swap out, but I built this ribbon rose and hot glued it to a velcro dot as well!
A wardrobe of new flower rings done in minutes - velcro to the rescue! Now I hope you'll go check out what the rest of the team did with their premade flowers over at Practical Scrappers!


Michelle said...

This is adorable!!!! So clever too! I love that you have a "secret weapon". ;) And btw....your manicure is awesome.

Jayma Malme said...

Oh my gosh...velcro...brilliant! Super cute rings.


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