Saturday, July 6, 2013

Pins and Needles

I ended up doing two versions of pincushions for my Exttravaganza booth. It wasn't intentional, but I couldn't leave any projects at home all alone! It's kind of funny that I was making pincushions at all, since I don't sew much (if I can help it). My team made adorable Disney themed PJs and Mickey head aprons to wear at convention at my house over multiple team bonding sessions...and I made delicious GF brownies. Sometimes I got to iron the Wonder Under. My sewing machine (appropriately) stayed in the box. 
The first pincushion I made with the new Sarita Textiles and an inexpensive cookie cutter. Since I'm not a seamstress, I didn't have batting or anything on hand, so I stuffed it with cotton balls. I wrapped it in that pretty new Ruby Chevron ribbon. One thing I was really happy with on this project is the bottom, where I filled in the entire area with hot glue, which created a sort of tread that keeps the pincushion from slipping around on your tabletop while you are using it!
Then I got this idea from a Pinterest Pin on bottlecap pincushions by AllTheTimeCrafting. I didn't exactly follow her tutorial, though, because we had these awesome ring bases already made! I did get a water bottle cap and hot glued one of the Sarita textiles around the cap. Then I stuffed the other Sarita Textile with cotton balls (hey, it worked the first time!) and hot glued that into the bottlecap. Then I was was kind of not so pretty around the middle...but it was nothing a sprinkle of Sparkles couldn't handle! I used Liquid Glass to secure medium Sparkles all around the seam of the pincushion Ring and topped it off with a Base and Bling Word Accent. 

Hope my pincushions made you smile...if not perhaps winning this week's giveaway would. You know what they can win unless you enter!

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Ellen Jarvis said...

LOVE THESE, Wendy! Thank you for sharing this great idea.

Ellen ♥ CardMonkey


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