Monday, November 4, 2013

10 Things Halloween

Stasha is asking us to write a list of Ten Things Halloween this week. Being as I'm trying to slide in under the wire to keep my goal of blogging every day, here's our top ten from this year's halloween.

10 Favorite Halloween Stories 2013

1. Dressing the boys in their costumes, and suggesting that they wear shirts underneath...followed by much whining and crying until I gave in and let them go to a party with just the costume on.

2. Stopping at Freddy's on the way to the party to pick up plain black t-shorts to add under the suddenly-too-itchy costumes because by they time the costumes started itching we were too far away from home to go back.

3. Strolling through Freddy's dressed as Wonder Woman while my Batman (freaking out about people seeing his costume with no shirt underneath...the bare back peeking through the velcro!) sprints from rounder to rounder trying to hide all the way to the kids section. He's an international super spy. 

4. Watching my hubby (Superman) have a light saber fight with a ton of little kids all at once. 

5. Getting ready to trick or treat and finding the lesson was learned - no t-shirt fights!

6. Creating a rotating system for ringing doorbells so the boys would stop fighting in front of each neighbor's home.

7. Max's first school party (preschool). They ate nectarine oranges and banana ghosts, busted a pinata, and after he had an epic nap!

8. Listening to Ben charm every homeowner with his cheerful cries of "Thank You! Haaaaaappy Halloweeeeen!". 

9. Ending the trick or treating action after Ben barged into the SAME EXACT HOUSE that he barged into last year. They have a sliding glass door which seems to trigger a walk-right-in response in that kid.

10. Watching the boys take turns guarding the front door so they can hand out the candy. Take 1...or 2...or a handful! They were so generous and sweet.
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