Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Apple Blossom Photography Rocks!

Last month Dawn from Apple Blossom Photography came to Max's preschool and took school photos. I knew her shots would be awesome, so I brought Gabe and Ben in to have their photo taken too. She has such a fabulous way with kids. She got the boys laughing and taking great photos almost as soon as she met them. I literally wanted to buy them all, every single shot, but instead I bought these five. I was gonna scrap them before sharing, but they were too good to keep to myself!
She got them to hold hands!
She got them to hug!!!
She got each one to look directly into the camera and smile. 
No smirking, no strained crazy eyes, no tongues out...
She's is totally a photography miracle worker! 
You can clearly see that Dawn is an amazing photographer. With a million rolls of film the boys would not have given me these shots. We are getting a mini holiday session with her next week - I cannot wait! These pics are going straight onto Frosted papers next month! 

You can find Dawn on the web at Apple Blossom Photography. 
NaBloPoMo November 2013


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