Saturday, November 9, 2013

Let it Snow...Man

Whew! Another craft fair in the bag, and now it's time to kick back, relax, and catch up on some Glee! Before I head off to a well deserved foot rub, a lot of you were interested in these adorable snowmen tubes. There were pretty fun to make...although, if I never have to stuff another mini marshmallow into a plastic envelope again...

I got the 1x8 clear bags from My team orders clear bags as a group as the shipping charges on small orders can be quite overwhelming. I could start stocking these in my stash if there's enough interest! After carefully filling the bags with marshmallows (tip - stuff in a couple and then shake to get them to move on down the line), I used Liquid Glass to glue on wiggly eyes and hand-cut Sunset Cardstock noses from a piece of scrap paper. The mouth was done with black puffy paint, just the super cheap stuff. I like it better than a sharpie because of the dimension when it dries, like it's lumps of coal.

The Plastic Top Hats I got from Amazon. There's 144 in a package, so you might want to share with a friend (or 2)...although the longer I have my package, the more things I find that would totally look cute wearing a teensy tiny top hat! Baby carrots? Totally way cuter in a top hat. Cracks me my three year old right up!

I wrapped the top hats in a bit of Washi (kind of a PITA since I had to cut it into 3rds and a bit overkill now that it's all said and done, but I never claimed to be a reasonable scrapper - it's adorable, right?) and a line of glitter glitz (way easier and looks awesome). Then I tied on a bit of ribbon for a scarf. This was one of my best sellers (and drew the most comments) at my booth today. I wouldn't say I need to run to the bank ASAP with my craft fair earnings, but I sold more at this booth than I have at my previous craft fairs...combined. I have one more super adorable top hat project that I'll post soon. 

I did these particular items as starter items for Teacher gifts or small holiday stocking stuffers, and sold them for $1. How cute would that snowman be paired with a mug and a packet of cocoa? Therefore I am linking it up to the Heart 2 Heart Gratitude challenge, as that's where my "extra" snow buddies are express our gratitude to the teachers and helpers that make my kiddos lives at school a better place. Plus a few for my ETSY shop when I get around to posting them this weekend. 

(P.S. Some of those links are Amazon affiliate links, and if you click through to purchase I may receive a tiny bit of compensation. I will only link items I've actually used AND liked. Buying stuff through my affiliate links is a great way to support my crafty little blog at no cost to you, kind of like a little tip jar.  Thanks a bunch!)


Dawn's Daze said...

Thanks for telling us how you made these cute snowmen! I've used the treat tubes many times for candy but never thought of marshmallows! If I decide to buy the 144 top hats I will use your link. Good to hear your show went well! Dawn

Sheila Bennett said...

Your snowmen are super ADORABLE!

Haley D. said...

These are adorable! I can see why they were such a hit. Thanks for sharing with us @ H2H!


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