Monday, November 11, 2013

Tidings of Comfort and Joy

Ack...10 days into NaBloPoMo and I missed a post. In my defense, we did the zoo yesterday and I pulled something in my back somehow so I spent most of the afternoon and evening laying down. On the plus side I am 15 days into the Whole 30 challenge, and not a slip-up yet! Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming...

Stasha over at The good life is asking about 10 Things That Bring Me Comfort this week. So I'm making this list all about me, since I've been seeking comfort since I pulled my back yesterday. Tomorrow I'm calling my Acupuncture dude to beg for a slot this week. 

10 Things That Bring Me Comfort

1. Gilmore Girls reruns on the Web - We haven't had cable in over 2 years. We don't really miss it much...but I do miss the daily Gilmore Girls rerun on ABC Family. I only own one season on DVD. I recently discovered the WB has a few episodes online, perfect for a sad and sore recuperating crafter. Plus someday, someday maybe I'm gonna have hair like Lorelai's. And her wardrobe. Once I owned a skirt from Ann Taylor that she wore on the show. It did not make me look like her, lol. I'm not a stalker - I had the skirt before she wore it. I swear!
2. My Uggs - Ok, I wear them all the time, not just when I'm sick. When they first became a thing I thought they were the ugliest thing EVER. Now I think they just make cozy sense up here in the drizzly PacNW. If I had a million dollars I'd get THESE Uggs when my current pair wear out. That's right, 'cause nothing says comfort like glorified slipper boots dressed up in an obscene amount of rhinestone goodness. But I'm FAR to practical to actually own these. Hubby got me some sequin covered ones last year but I returned them for plain ones that cost way less. Maybe I can bling mine myself with Liquid Glass and Sparkles? 
3. Pinterest - When you are trapped on the couch because you can't move from a back spasm and you've watched all 5 Gilmore Girl episodes, pinterest is your friend. Check out all the goofy things I pinned to my giggle board last night to cheer myself up! Now to search for boot bling...(NOTE - OMG it's actually a thing! People are customizing their Uggs...Squee!)

4. Tea - Oh how I love a nice hot cuppa tea. Even when I was at the height of my coffee addiction I still love a nice cup of tea with honey and lemon. Right now I'm on a peppermint tea kick to go along with my Whole 30. My friend Jen gave me some English Earl Grey once that I still dream about. 

5. Fuzzy blankets - There are no normal blankets in my house. Every blanket is some form of fuzzy, chenille, ultra-soft microfiber creation. Even the boys have picked up on this inclination, and only sleep with softer than soft blankets. When I'm not feeling well I need 2 or 3 piled on so I'll be cozy. Totally helps me feel better. 

6. The Ocean - I don't get to go nearly as often as I'd like, but just sitting by the ocean is like a balm to my heart. If I wasn't terrified about the eventually impending tsunami, I'd totally want to live on the coast. Wear fisherman's sweaters and go for long walks with my well behaved little boys who are totally carrying the fuzzy blankets for our picnic/reading stop...well if you're gonna dream, you may as well make it all pretty, right?

7. Books - If I'm upset or sad (or up forever with terrible back pain), books are the portal to a new dimension. I get pretty much all my books from Jacobsen's Books. If I see something I want I text Tina the owner and she has it for me within a week. I read pretty much anything she tells me to read too - she always has good suggestions. Just heading over to visit at the bookstore is a comfort to me. I'm currently reading Wolf Hall by Hilary Mantel. I like English biographies...and Steven King. And anything food/Paleo/GF related. Or anything at all, really.

8.  A phone call from my sister. We talk almost every day. Sometimes multiple times a day. Sometimes multiple times an hour. Thank goodness for cell phones with unlimited long distance. And sisters who are always there for you.

9. My sweet hubby, who gives the best foot rubs, does all the dishes, and handles bathtime and bedtime like a pro. He's also really good at cooking breakfast, allowing me a few more minutes to sleep look at my phone in the morning. 

10. Spending time in my Stamp Pad - which has been in all too short supply lately. Something about getting up there and making something creative brings comfort and peace to my hurried-frantic-gotta-get-it-done Mommy Brain. And then I can be more present and there for the three important little people in my home the next day.

I wanted to say something sweet about my kiddos for number 10, but instead I had to go another way. Spending a holiday day at home with your back out of whack...alone with three excited little boys...on a freakishly sunny November day in Oregon really requires some extra comfort. Back to the regularly scheduled craft fair art posts tomorrow!
NaBloPoMo November 2013


Yona Williams said...

Books definitely made my list - I love them and there's always one out there to put you in a good mood when you need one.

The ocean is very comforting...especially when you're in the water amongst the waves.

I didn't think about it, but Pinterest does have a comforting effect. It always gets me excited about all of the possibilities that I may one day have time to indulge in.

Great list - hope you feel better.

Happy Belated Listicles Monday.

Sonja said...

Ahhh, yes. Gilmore Girls! I love me some comfort TV!

CLR said...

Okay, I do love your list, but I honed in on the tsunami part......I have been getting a lot about that from everywhere...east and west coast....just curious about your thoughts!


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