Thursday, May 15, 2014

Timberline Scrapbook Club Pages

Thanks for helping out with testing my Feedblitz transition, Stampin' Friends! I'm pretty sure it's working again, and I believe that I've fixed the signup link to, so if you've asked to receive Stamping Rules via email and never gotten it, please try again with (hopefully) better results! I'm back again today to share 6 more pages for Monthly Memories Club, this time with the awesome new Timberline papers.
Boy, oh boy! Do I luurve me some woodgrain paper! We've got a big-for-us camping trip planned for this summer. All you awesome hardcore actual campers are gonna laugh, but we're planning to a KOA! I know, I know! Even my preteen nephew laughs at our faux camping trips, but when you are traveling with three little boys, including one with sensory issues, KOA campgrounds are a little piece of camping heaven. With bathrooms. And showers. And playgrounds. And no just-on-the-other-side-of-the-wall neighbors to freak out over how much noise three little boys can make just sitting still reading a book. We love KOA! 
Since we've finally managed to move bedtime to 8 p.m. (with a much more reasonable wake up time of between 5:30 to 6 am) we are planning an actual campfire this time. Our stargazing will probably not be done at actual night for these dudes, but we are going to see Thomas the Tank Engine that weekend too, so for us that'll be a big celebrity sighting. Peep, Peep!
I can't wait to get a big collage of my moving to Spokane Instagrams to fill up that big 8x10 area on this layout. I've been tagging them on IG with #SpokaneAdventure if you want to see some of the silly and awesome things we've been discovering in our newly adopted home. 

Club ladies (and others who want the cutting guides/instructions for this kit design), here's your Supply list!

Basic Kit: 

I Want It All Kit:

Other supplies used:
Leftover Retired Cork Alphabet letters
Stardust glitter glitz gel

Order either level of this Timberline kit on my website by joining the Monthly Memories Club Gathering, and you'll receive a PDF with complete step by step instructions, detailed pictures, and exact cutting guides so you too can create these rustic, summer fun Timberline pages. 
Don't forget to check out the While Supplies Last area while you are hanging out over there!
If you are a consultant and want to teach this workshop, purchase your kit (either level) and then email me to get a printable copy of the instructions to use at your workshop.

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Katy said...

Love them all but REALLY LOVE the last one...something about that left page!!!


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