Friday, May 16, 2014

Balloon Ride Scrapbook Club Pages

Woot! I'm all caught up on scrapbook club pages! I never meant for moving to throw me so far off on getting my crafty on. This weekend I can finally start getting inky on stuff that I haven't promised y'all would be done in April. It must be the new haircut, lol.
Oh my goodness this paper was so light and pretty, and the chipboard pieces so sweet! I really had some fun dissecting that chipboard and adding lots of bling.
I swear these two pages are actually on the same color paper in real life, and that color is cashmere. Which, as you can see if you clicked through that link, is not either of these background colors. Those hearts are handcut - yes, you can cricut them, but I liked the handcut aspect for this homey, happy page. Our first berry picking trip of the summer will go on here. As soon as I find new u-pics up here in Spokane, which I hope is soon because the freezer is starting to look pretty bare!
I'm going to use these as a comparison page for my three boys, each of whom has a very distinct and strong personality. I'm feeling pretty blessed lately, as I unpack boxes of baby pictures and preschool projects. I love to reflect on how far we've come...and the fact that we are embarking on a new phase. Not just because we've moved, but because the boys are moving on and getting bigger. Instead of potty training we focus on phonics. Instead of sippy cups they are now fully on glass everything and doing it so responsibly! There's only one preschool left in the house, and he's pretty convinced that he's 10 (the age when all my boys seem to think they'll be "BIG"). In the middle of three-crazy-boys-chaos this helps me to reconnect with what I love about my family, and how we are shaping these little lives. This is why I love scrapbooking so much!

Here's the supply list!

Basic Kit: 

I Want It All Kit:

Other supplies used:
Inks: Saddle
2 sheets Colonial White Cardstock (cream)
Brown Embroidery Floss (or pierce it and draw over with a marker)

Order either level of this Balloon Ride kit on my website by joining the Monthly Memories Club Gathering, and you'll receive a PDF with complete step by step instructions, detailed pictures, and exact cutting guides so you too can create these sweet, fanciful Balloon Ride pages. 
While you are there, check out the $5 Scrapbooking Kit CTMH is offering for National Scrapbooking Month!

If you are a consultant and want to teach this workshop, purchase your kit (either level) and then email me to get a reprintable copy of the instructions to use at your workshop.


heather_elaine27 said...

You'll have lots of berry-picking opportunities at Green Bluff. Google Green Bluff Growers Association, and you'll be able to see their schedule for the growing season! It's such a beautiful place - great fruits and veggies, great little shops, pumpkins and Christmas trees in the fall and winter, and just about a 20 minute drive from north Spokane. Ive followed your blog for a few years and would love to get crafty with you sometime since you're local! There are several crop groups that meet at the local libraries if you're interested! -Heather

Wendy Coffman said...

Hi, Heather! I was trying to figure out how I could email you, but I couldn't, so I'm gonna post here and cross my fingers. I would love to meet up with you! Please email me (I have a contact me button) and let's scrap!


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