Saturday, June 20, 2015

Day 119: You Make Me Smile Card

Today is the 17th anniversary of the day I married my sweet hubby John. We have three, well, let's just say energetic young boys and we live about a two to three day drive to our closest relatives. So we chose to celebrate by putting our dear ones in the Drop In and Play center at the local mall and having the most expensive lunch of our lives (normal cost for a nice gluten free lunch plus 8 bazillion dollars for drop in care for three children = wowza!). It was worth every penny. 
I was thinking about him as I put this card together from more of the My crush for Her scraps. It's pink, and girly, and full of glitter sparkles, so it's not exactly his taste in cards. His taste in cards is basically none at all, because he's an engineer and he doesn't care about the foofala that is my bread and butter. He does appreciate what I do though - today he and the boys sat down and looked through our wedding and honeymoon albums while he patiently explained all the who's whos and what's thats to three squirmy little boys. 
Sometimes the hustle and bustle of caring for three small ones, all the cooking and planning for our gluten free/real food from scratch diet, plus my dedication to the daily blogging commitment I've made this year (plus my super secret project for Convention) leave me feeling a little stretched thin lately. I love crafting. I love my boys. I love cooking (no, really, I do). I am a very lucky lady. I know that I am blessed...but it felt so fun and decadent to say whatevs to the endless to-do list and just go hang out with the dude who makes me smile, and has been making me smile since we accidentally met in the hallway at school waaaay back in 1992. That day he played my violin in the hallway. Today we bought him a couple pairs of shorts for summer and some new sandals. It wasn't anything super special...except it was, because we did it together.  

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Anonymous said...

Lovely card, Wendy! And congrats on 17 years together! Sounds like a wonderful way to celebrate even if it was a tad bit on the expensive side. Enjoy the day!


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