Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Day 193: Childhood Pocket Scrapbook Layout

It's September! The new Idea book is LIVE, and I'm finally allowed to share all the fun and varied things I've been making and hiding since MAY. Since I'm feeling a little sniffly (yet still excited) about Max's first day of Kindergarten tomorrow, I'm going to start with this pocket scrapbooking page using the new Picture My Life Childhood line

So when CTMH asked me last Spring if I wanted to present something on the big stage at Convention in July, the only answer was, of course, yes, yes, yes, YES!!! All I knew is I was doing something with Pocket Scrapbooking, so I hit Pinterest and started studying, sketching, and dreaming. As Jill was explaining to me later what home office wanted my mind was racing with ALL THE THINGS I knew I could do with the new PML cards...until Jill was like:
 Whoa! Back that bus up. We want you to just make Pocket Scrapbook pages. 
Ok, she didn't put it like that, but kind of. Scrapbook some pages so simple my kid could do it. Do not Pass Go. Do not foof them up. Do not add more layers. Do not turn them into an interactive display. Just slide the cards in and add pictures. And I have to admit...

Never had I ever made an actual pocket scrapbook page. Cards, layouts, gift boxes, wall displays, you name it, I've made it all made with those sweet PML cards...but not a single solitary pocket page protector was actually scrapbooked with the many, many cards in my stash.  GULP!

My box with all the new PML lines in it arrived, and I was paralyzed with indecision seasoned with a huge heaping spoonful of don't-worry-just-like-1000-people-are-gonna-look-at-these simple one layer pages...on a humongo big screen. Once I finally got going though, I can't help but wonder why I'd never bothered to try actually scrapping this way before! Scrappin' Friends, ya'll know I am the girl who loves layers, glitter, flowers, and (let's just be honest here) STUFF on my pages. Pocket Scrapbooking was just too easy - slide the pics in, add a few cards, journal the story and BAM! pages were getting done so fast. 
I literally just added a few purple enamel and glitter hearts to this page. I stamped the title using Typography in Lagoon ink. I felt done but it only took me ten minutes including fussing around with outlined the stamped title letters with a black fine tipped marker. 

Don't get me wrong - I still loves me some STUFF, especially glitterystampy, gotta get all the new stuff lumpy bumpy STUFF. But it was eye opening to me to think that I can spend my weekends making one or two really fabulous pages, and still keep myself caught up using pocket scrapbooking AND IT WAS STILL FUN!  I still felt like I was creating something beautiful, and the boys, well, they could not stop sneaking peeks at my presentation album  - and isn't that sharing of the stories with our littles central to why we scrapbook? 
Now that I've shared my (pocket) lesson learned with you, I'm linking this sweet Max coop preschool pocket page up to the Paper Issues You Rule the School Issue. The days are long but the years are short, Stampin' Friends. Capture those memories, whether you prefer a paper page, a digital layout, or just putting it all into a pocket. I'm off to hug my 5 year old and enjoy this last evening with my not-a-preschooler-anymore boy. Thanks for stopping by! 

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