Thursday, September 3, 2015

Day 194: Georgie Pocket Scrapbooking Pages

One of the first pocket scrapbooking projects I tackled for my Convention presentation was moving my hubby's baby photos into pocket pages using the adorable new Georgie cards.  
All his baby pics are these old style 3 1/2 inch square photos with a distinctly green cast. Does that make them less precious to scrapbook? Of course not! 

I think my boys enjoyed looking at these photos almost more than they like looking at pics of themselves, and that's saying a lot! I tried very hard to preserve the photos in their original format  with no cropping - just popped them onto the cards and slide them in. 
 I also saved all of John's mom's handwriting from the original books she had generously given us, adding her comments to the edges of the cards. I stamped on dates and such using my favorite new font, Jennifer's Hand. The boys were so amused by my little slider pocket that I made to hide Daddy's naked baby pic...I figured he'd be pretty unhappy if I put that one up on the big screen!
All in all I made 10 adorable pocket pages encompassing John's first year in one weekend using just the Georgie cards and some Whisper cardstock (I mounted the smaller cards onto 4x6 cardstock blanks). I'm pretty sure I've never finished 10 pages with pictures in a weekend ever before. I'm also certain I took more pictures than that of Max last week month. 

Digital photography has really changed how we document our children's lives! In 2012 I heard Stacy Julian speak at the CTMH convention, and one of her many fabulous ideas that stuck with me was this: Mamas, don't let your babies grow up to be JPEGs. These aren't just pictures - they are our story. Watching the boys pour over these simple pocket pages again and again was awesome - sharing really is caring!

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