Thursday, October 29, 2015

Day 250: Gluten Free Halloween Treat Bags

If you have spent any time hanging around my blog, or Facebook, or Instagram, you may have noticed that we are a hard-core gluten free family. It's not hard at all to say no to the gluten goodies when they make you feel terrible...but it is hard to say no to the kiddos for so many things that their friends just get to do without the worry of will-that-make-me-sick, even if they do accept it with grace and good will. We do our best to find fun but safe gluten free options for the boys on holidays.  
At Convention this summer we got to make these adorable Halloween tags using Tasty Terrors during one of our crafting sessions. I tucked them into my bowl of extra goodies I'm not sure what to do with but too cute to toss out and there they sat all summer long. Today I dug them out and added them to these cute chevron gift bags that I have filled with gluten free candies from gluten free facilities so the boys can have a special treat after not digging into all the not gluten safe goodies surrounding them on Halloween. I added some black bows, because that's Max's favorite embellishment. I know they will be super excited to get a "present" for Halloween!

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