Friday, October 30, 2015

Day 251: Halloween Party Crafts

I meant to make a Halloween card to share tonight, but last night's craft time was commandeered by my sweet husband, who decided he needed a Halloween costume...for nine o'clock at night. So instead of getting crafty, I had time to finish Max's class snack project and put together a costume.  
I cut these jack-o-lantern faces on my Cricut, using the new Artistry cartridge. Then I popped them onto these peach cups using Liquid Glass. I used Liquid Glass to attach the wiggly eyes to the cheese sticks too. Then on my way to school to deliver the snack and run the bingo station I came to my senses and stopped for paper plates and paper towels to mop up all the peach juice we inevitably ended up spilling while opening up the peach cups. Lesson learned! 
You may have seen this picture already if you follow on Instagram or Facebook. This is the end result of John's last minute lazy Halloween costume request. He's had this hoodie for a few years. I printed a picture of E.T. and backed it with cardstock. I taped on some baker's twine, then tied and taped it to a medium sized cat stuffy that was then swaddled in a towel. Then John found this (Amazon) shipping box in the recycle and stuck one of the boys' foam toys through the box for a bike handle. His costume was a hit, and won Most Original Costume at his work costume contest. Now the boys are clamoring to see this classic movie.

While neither card, nor layout, nor mini album, that was my crafting last night. Tomorrow I'll have Nevermore pages for you - thanks for stopping by!

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Unknown said...

super cute idea for the halloween treats!


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