Saturday, October 31, 2015

Day 252: Nevermore Gone Batty Layout

So last year Max was totally nutty for Batman. Not just any Batman, mind you, but only the original Adam West batman would do. He knew exactly what he wanted to be, and I ended up making alterations to his standard Bat-suit to meet his exacting standards.
I had to add eyebrows to his bat mask. the utility belt had to be modified, and Bat tools were created from felt and puffy paint. He wanted a Bat-a-rang, of course, but he also needed some Bat Spray Shark Repellent and a special gadget that the Dynamic Duo used to blow up some underwater torpedoes. He literally paused his movie to show my the very gadget he needed, since his four year old explanations were not getting through to Mom. When I saw the Nevermore Complements, I knew they were perfect for these pictures!

I'm linking this layout up to the Paper Issues FAN-atics party, because fanatic is the perfect word to describe Max's devotion to the Adam West Batman. He may have moved on to Harry Potter this year in costume, but every night when he lists his favorite things, Man-Batman (as he calls Adam, to distinguish him from all other cartoony batmans) is at the top of his list.  

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